'Cardboard Retrospective' 2010

'Halfway House', 2008

'ART IS...', 2009

'The Making of Judival '09', 2010

The Making of Judival '09, 2010

The Making of Judival '09 from Bryony Moore on Vimeo.

Judival '09 took place on 12th June at Platt Fields Park in Manchester.
Nearly a year after the event itself, take a look behind the scenes with the long awaited video: 'The Making of Judival '09'.

It was the first Judival (yes Ab, the first), but we hope our new favourite music festival will be back, perhaps in 2010...

However, no-one knows for sure, but it is thought that Jude Sarsfield, the star and co-creator of the show, is in Texas selling cars.
Bryony is in her house, hopefully awaiting commissions for music videos.

'ART IS...' 2009

ART IS... from Bryony Moore on Vimeo.

A £1 Art Commission for Eccentric City.

'[We Are All Just] Meat and Bones' 2009

Shown as part of group show 'She Laughs' at Nexus Art Cafe, Manchester (11th September – 21st October 2009)

Free To Good Home participants return images...

'Free To Good Home' participants were asked to send a picture of their adopted pet portrait happily settled in its new home. There are more to follow, but here's a few of them for now:

Thanks to everyone who took part!

'Free To Good Home' 2009

For ANTIFREEZE, 100th Monkey artists Claire Davison, Bryony Moore and Suzanne Smith devised a context-specific group show, in which the minutiae of everyday interactions were elephantised, pored over and solutions offered to problems which may or may not have existed.

For her part in the show, Moore collected and framed pet portraits from ‘free to good home’ adverts on the website www.gumtree.com. Touched by the pets’ unawareness of their impending fate at the moment these pictures were taken, Moore rescued the images and sought to rehome them with kindly ANTIFREEZE visitors.

See previous post for slideshow of images from Free To Good Home...